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Business Planning Services (Complimentary)

Learn the process, tools and questions to help your clients better understand the benefits of an informal Business Valuation and Buy-Sell Review during your approach and initial meeting.

Producer Education Materials and Kits - Understanding the Business Market

  • Informal Business Valuation Training Guide (BB 10534)
    Use this guide to become more comfortable with the contents of an Informal Business Valuation Proposal before meeting with your client.
    View (PDF: 94KB) | Order
  • Before, During and After the Sale - BOES Fact Sheet (BB 10319)
    One-pager that highlights the services we provide before the sale, during the sale and after the sale.
    View (PDF: 149KB) | Order | View Customizable (PDF: 163KB)
  • Business Market Administration (BMA) Producer Flyer (BB 10861)
    Learn about 10 key BMA benefits available to you and your business clients when selling Business Owner and Executive Solutions from The Principal®.
    View (PDF: 110KB) | Order
  • Generate Sales with Informal Business Valuations and Buy-Sell Reviews (BB 10350)
    How to step into the business market by offering a value-added service that sells.
    View (PDF: 1971KB) | Order | View Customizable (PDF: 207KB)
  • Exit Planning: Hard Facts for Business Owners (BB 11019C)
    Learn the top reasons why an exit plan and a current buy-sell agreement are important - presented as questions you can ask business owners.
    View (PDF: 185KB)
  • Sample Buy-Sell Review Summary (BB 9868 SPRES)
    Use this 2-part sample Buy-Sell Review to help clients understand the value of this free service from The Principal. Prepared by the Advanced Solutions staff.
    View (PDF: 488KB)
  • Business Planning Services Marketing Guide (BB 10634)
    Use this Marketing Guide to learn which marketing materials to use when. Includes a step-by-step sales process guide and a sample approach script.
    View (PDF: 231KB) | Order
  • Clarifying Questions (BB 10521)
    Use the targeted questions in this flyer to prompt key responses to the business financial solutions on the Fact Finder (BB 10847).
    View (PDF: 136KB) | Order
  • Producer Approach Email Template: Open Doors with Business Owners (LF 233)
    Send this email to promote our complimentary business planning services and help clients understand the importance of a current business valuation and buy-sell agreement.
    View (OFT: 29KB)
  • Brokerage Producer Marketing Materials (KIT 3727)
  • Brokerage Producer Training Materials (KIT 3069)
  • Career Producer Training Materials (KIT 3705)
  • Business Planning Services Open Doors (JJ 1851)
    This producer flier highlights a successful IDI business planning services case.
    View (PDF: 102KB) | Order
  • No-Cost Business Planning Services Program Profile (JJ 1837)
    This program profile highlights key aspects of the no-cost business planning services for IDI.
    View (PDF: 668KB) | Order
  • 8 Pitfalls of Disability Buy-Sell Agreements (JJ 1769)
    This producer flyer outlines 8 Disability Buy-Sell agreement pitfalls that clients should avoid.
    View (PDF: 142KB) | Order

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Approach Materials - Pre-Approach

  • Business Planning Services - Article Highlights Ins and Outs of Buy-Sell Reviews (BB 10872)
    Article by two members of our Advanced Solutions team discussing various approaches and marketplace trends to exit planning business valuations and buy-sell agreements. Hard copies of reprint available to order as well. Email template available to send to clients and prospects.
    View (PDF: 1.9MB) | Order Reprint | Get Email (OFT: 37KB)
  • Business Valuation Electronic Reprint, "Buffett Got It Right This Time" (BB 10811)
    Email this article to clients to help illustrate the importance of having a business valuation, as quoted by Warren Buffett. It's a great introduction piece to offering a complimentary informal business valuation proposal and buy-sell review so that business owners can understand what their business is worth.
    View (PDF: 211KB)
  • Business Planning Services Approach Email Template (LF 151)
    Send to clients to introduce them to the advantages of our free exit planning services and prepare them for your next contract.
    View (OFT: 43KB)
  • Business Planning Services Approach Letter (BB 10245)
    Use this approach letter to introduce clients to the advantages of our free exit planning services and prepare them for your next contact.
    View (DOC: 39KB)
  • Know the Value of Your Business Flyer (BB 10613)
    This one-pager highlights the many reasons why business owners should know the value of their business. The back of the flyer allows you to gather the necessary information to provide an informal business valuation proposal and/or buy-sell review summary.
    View (PDF: 292KB) | Order | View Customizable (PDF: 420KB)
  • Business Planning Services - Supported Solutions (BB 9852)
    This four-page brochure provides clients with an overview of the complimentary business planning services we provide and instructions on how to receive an informal business valuation and/or buy-sell review.
    View (PDF: 340KB) | Order
  • IDI Business Planning Services Fact Sheet (BB 10847IDI)
    Piece shows the business planning services process in a flowchart format and includes factfinding questions.
    View (PDF: 100KB) | Order

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Initial Meeting Materials - Fact Finding

  • Business Planning Services Fact Finder (BB 10847)
    Use this fact finder to help your client prioritize financial needs. This is a fact finder for an Informal Business Valuation and Buy-Sell Review. Download PDF and use form fields to capture information or request a proposal.
    View (PDF: 122KB) | Order
  • Business Owner Priority Checklist (BB 9557)
    Complete this with business owner after explaining our process for meeting their financial needs.
    View (PDF: 141KB) | Order

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Proposal Presentation Materials

  • Sample Informal Business Valuation Proposal (BB 9868SBVAL)
    Sample proposal for business valuation. Order a customized proposal using the Business Planning Services Fact Finder (BB 10847).
    View (PDF: 300KB)
  • Sample Business Continuation Proposal (BB 10255)
    Sample proposal for Business Continuation. Order a customized proposal using the Business Planning Services Fact Finder (BB 10847).
    View (PDF: 105KB)
  • Sample Buy-Sell Review (BB 9868SPRES)
    Sample proposal for buy-sell review. Order a customized proposal using the Business Planning Services Fact Finder (BB 10847).
    View (PDF: 488KB)
  • Business Planning Services Action Plan (BB 10614)
    Use this checklist when presenting page 5 from the Informal Business Valuation proposal that outlines the five common valuation methods and the resulting values. It will help you ask questions to uncover business owner needs and move the planning process forward.
    View (PDF: 170KB) | Order | View Customizable (PDF: 349KB)

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Success Stories

  • IT Consulting Firm (BB 10839)
    Read how complimentary informal business valuation and buy-sell review helped address a client's need to financially protect her business and retain some of her key employees with "golden handcuffs."
    View (PDF: 246KB) | Order
  • Life Insurance Review (BB 10621C)
    Learn how the client's needs were uncovered and met.
    View (PDF: 154KB) | Order
  • Buy-Sell Review (BB 10642C)
    Read how a Buy-Sell Review helped a CPA firm meet the life insurance needs of the firm's partners.
    View (PDF: 154KB) | Order
  • Informal Business Valuation (BB 10694C)
    Informal Business Valuation uncovers a retirement income gap.
    View (PDF: 154KB) | Order
  • Business Planning Services Success Story - Exit Planning (BB 10724)
    See how an informal business valuation turned an employee benefits broker referral into an exit plan with multiple components.
    View (PDF: 154KB) | Order

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