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Sales Concepts and Programs - Simplified Sales Program Marketing Materials

The Simplified Sales Program can help you meet clients' disability insurance needs faster and easier than ever before. Your job is less complicated because of the streamlined underwriting - no blood, urine, EKGs or APSs required.1

The Simplified Sales Program applies to all three products - Individual Disability Income (DI), Overhead Expense (OE) and Disability Buy-Out (DBO) insurance and the Multi-Life sales program.

Key highlights:

  • Full commissions are paid. Principal Life does not reduce first year commissions when the Simplified Sales Program is used.
  • All riders are available, including our competitive Benefit Update rider.
  • No income verification required when income is less than $150,000/year - for Simplified DI and Simplified Multi-Life.2
  • Benefit amounts up to:
    • NEW Nov. 2013: $4,000/month benefit for Simplified DI.
    • NEW Nov. 2013: $6,000/month benefit for Simplified Multi-Life.
    • $10,000/month benefit for Simplified OE.
    • $360,000 aggregate benefit for Simplified DBO.
  • 48-hour turn around time once the application and TeleApp interviews are completed and received.3

This section contains marketing materials to help you understand the Simplified Sales Programs.

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  • Simplified DI Stuffer (JJ 1331)
    Consumer stuff that outlines the benefits of the Simplified DI program.
    View (PDF) | Order | Customize (PDF: 94KB)
  • Simplified for Business Owners (JJ 1576)
    This client flyer discusses how business owners can use Principal Life's Simplified program to deal with the disability triple threat.
    View (PDF) | Order | Customize (PDF)
  • Simplified DI Approach Letter (DI 2119)
    Approach letter that discusses how the Simplified Sales Program can help them protect their income - quicker and easier.
    View (DOC: 28KB)
  • Simplified DI Flyer (JJ 1177)
    This flyer outlines the benefits of the program.
    View (PDF) | Order | Customize (PDF)
  • Protect Your Changing Needs (JJ 1252)
    Flyer that outlines the benefits of Simplified DI and the product's future benefit increase riders.
    View (PDF) | Order
  • What if You Couldn't Make Your House Payments?
    This flyer highlights how becoming disabled can affect being able to make mortgage payments.
  • Know the Facts (JJ 1260)
    This consumer piece explains the facts of disability insurance so clients have a better understanding.
    View (PDF: 191KB) | Order | Customize (PDF)

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  • Simplified Sales Program Overview (JJ 1123)
    This brochure summarizes the Simplified Sales Programs for DI, DI Multi-Life, OE, and DBO.
    View (PDF: 157KB) | Order
  • Simplified DI - California (JJ 1100)
    This flyer contains information on Simplified DI in California.
    View (PDF: 157KB) | Order
  • Simplified DI Presentation (DI 2177)
    This presentation can be used to help explain the Simplified Sales Program to producers.
    View (PPT)
  • DI Programs that Differentiate (JJ 1338)
    This flyer is an overview of the sales programs and discounts producers can offer clients.
    View (PDF)
  • Navigational Flowchart (JJ 1185)
    Includes a flowchart showcasing how you can help clients protect personal, retirement and business assets with Disability Solutions from Principal Life.
    View (PDF: 225KB) | Order
  • One Page Overview
    Contains overview of program offerings.
    • All states except California - Series 700 (DI 2398)
      View (PDF: 50KB)
    • California (DI 2399)
      View (PDF: 50KB)

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